Say You Will And You Will. Say You Won't And You're Right.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:


Think I’m crazy?? I’m not. You are in charge of what happens to you … today, tomorrow, and the days following that. We have a saying in our house and our kids are well aware:

say you will and you will.

say you won’t and you’re right.

Your brain will believe what you tell it … yeah, roll your eyes … if you walk around saying things like:

  • Every other designer out there is getting the jobs I want!

  • I can’t attract the right client!

  • My website is ugly and there’s nothing I can do to change it!

  • I’m never going to grow my following on social media

  • Luxury market clients don’t want to hire me!

  • I’m never going to be as great of a photographer as other local competition!

  • etc, etc, etc …

Well, that’s a sh*tty voice to have! Your brain will lead your actions … it’s simply doing what it’s told … if you’re telling it that you suck and you always will, then the actions that result from a message like that will support it!

I always know when I’ve turned into a total downer … if business slows, and I’m feeling sad, if I start getting jealous and paranoid … and I stop and think about the self talk I’ve had leading up to the feelings??? It’s always crap.

It’s Hard To readjust and get your sh*t together.

So much yes. It’s super hard to be heading straight towards a wall of self pity and adjust your behavior right before you smack right into it. It’s even harder to readjust after you smack into it! But the first step is:


If you start saying the things out loud that you WISH and WANT to happen then it’s only a matter of time before your actions follow … if you start telling yourself: I am an amazing photographer … your brain will start following up with actions to make you do what your brain believes already.


Ok, ok … try it. What do you have to lose? I’ve tested this multiple times … and there is ZERO reason that it’s worked except for that it’s true … I’ve done each of the following and it’s happened and come true for me:

  1. Telling myself that I will get 3 new clients within 7 days … when I focus on that self talk it happens … and this is typically after I’ve been down about the fact that I’m not getting inquiries. And I’ve tested this out many times … always works!

  2. Telling myself that a very specific person will reach out to me about their website and hire me … srsly, no joke … and it was a VERY TALL ORDER ;) … and it happened.

  3. Telling myself that I will be contacted to be in a print magazine to write an article … and it did happen last year …

  4. Telling myself that I AM NOT SICK when I start feeling it coming on … over and over and over again: I am NOT sick … my body listens to me.

I’m not making this crap up … a negative mind is the WORST THING you can do for yourself and your business … the WORST.


I was kidding (sort of) above when I said it’s magic … and you have to REALLY tell yourself that something is happening, not that you want it to. There is a difference between saying:


and …


Saying you f*cking are is a direct message that leaves ZERO room for failure … you have to BELIEVE it. You have to say it over and over again to yourself … out loud … and suddenly, watch … your actions will back up the sh*t you say.

XO~ Heather

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