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IS IT TIME FOR A new website?

  • Has your website gone over 3 years without being touched? You need a redesign.

  • Are you getting clicks from your advertising outlets that rarely lead to hires? You need a redesign.

  • Do you go to your website and immediately wish it looked different? You need a redesign.

  • Are there new companies launching in your area that you fear will start to take business away from you? You need a redesign.

  • Does your website break or work strangely on mobile devices? You DEFINITELY need a redesign. 55 - 65% of your website traffic will be via a mobile device and that number is growing!

The Design Process

  1. We schedule your project 'begin time' so that you know exactly when we will start. All it takes to book your time is a retainer and a signed contract.

  2. You send me the materials I ask for BEFORE your scheduled time. I will create a Dropbox for your images and a link with some questions that you will fill out and submit.

  3. We hop on a call on day 1 of your scheduled week and discuss ideas and then I map out a STRATEGY that works to support your online goals for your company.

  4. I dig in. I have been designing with Squarespace for over 12 years. I know it inside and out. I am fast and I am good.

  5. I present a CONCEPT to you that is designed taking your direction and we discuss it. You tell me what you LOVE and what you don't. We fine tune and tweak.

  6. We launch it.

I love to hop on the phone with potential clients to see if we are a fit!  I've learned that there is so much more that goes into website design than just the 'design part' - personalities need to be a fit too!  I am very picky about who I take on and I hope you will be just as picky before you hand over your company website to me or anybody else!

Websites are very personal and each one has individual needs.  If you want to know more about my process and what is included in my website design bundle please feel free to contact me and I can email you some info!

Right now I am booking clients for:

>> october 2019 <<

Want to see more from my portfolio?  Here is a link to view some of my completed projects.

XO~ Heather