Can You Have Boundaries As A Boss Babe and Not Be Labeled A Boss Bitch?

Can You Have Boundaries As A Boss Babe and Not Be Titled A Boss Bitch?

These last two weeks I have learned a lot about boundaries … some forced on me due to boatloads of snow in Seattle … and some that I had to decide to put out there myself. Each and every time I am put in a position to enforce a boundary, I always feel like a big bitch.



Lots of questions come to my mind when I think of this conundrum … is this a gender thing? Is it the same for men? I want to understand why I personally feel like someone will hate me when I put up boundaries as a business owner who is also a woman.

Am I Projecting? Is This All In My Head?

This blog post won’t really have answers … it’s more of me putting out there the discussion starter … I’ve often wondered if I didn’t start off sweet, soft, and wanting to please - which is who I am naturally and love to stay during a website design project with a client - and just started off out of the gate with boundaries up all over - would I even be successful as a business owner. But flip that coin over: when a client starts to take advantage of the sweetness and softness and you have to enforce your contract or your guidelines or your ‘life happenings’ in general - they will see a different side of you - and when compared to what it was before … well, out comes the big B:

What A Bitch!

Do I have it right? Do I have it wrong? This is up for discussion … feel free to leave comments below:

XO~ Heather

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