Maybe A Disruption Is Exactly What You and Your Business Need!


A little disruption can be a very positive thing … disruptions perk you up, make you pay more attention … they take you out of the comfy-cozy and into the uncomfortable … they may make you angry … they may make you question things … and what do all those things lead to???


When you are perked up out of a state of ‘everything is going along … nothing bad, nothing good …’ it wakes you up! Being woken up isn't always pleasant at first … it takes a shower, some coffee, maybe a little exercise … but when your blood starts flowing and you can see clearly, new ideas can start to form!



I love to disrupt. I love to tell my clients the TRUTH. There are a lot of website designers out there who will go with what you love … what you see for your company and what you have always had is fine with them … they’ll smile and use your logo or the images you hand selected or your fonts … they’ll do it with a smile and say nothing, because at the end of the day they were hired to do a job for you and that’s exactly what they’re doing.


I’m not that kind of web designer and I never will be. If you send me sh*tty things, I’ll let you know! I want you to be BETTER than average .. BETTER than you were the day you hired me … if I put my name on your website and I hand you something then I want it to work.


Now, I’ll do it nicely … but I’ll be honest. Honest with a side of sweet … and when all is said and done, if you say: no, please use them anyway - I will. But if I don’t say anything about the things you send me and how I don’t feel they’ll get the job done … am I really doing you a service?


True … but I’ve been there and done that over a hundred times for business owners and their websites … I watch analytics FOR A LIVING … I stare at branding all day every day … I look at thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of photos each week … so, I sorta know what I’m talking about ;)

Have you considered that maybe a little disruption is exactly what your company needs? That the fonts you’re attracted to, the colors you love, and the photos you always thought were great … well,


If you ever use this word to describe your branding, website, clients, events, or anything else about yourself:


… then, you’re living in the comfy-cozy … you need a major disruption … because the word fine isn’t.

Break out of that! DISRUPT YOUR NORMAL … here are 5 ways to get a disruption going:

  1. Reach out to a wedding professional that you’ve NEVER WORKED WITH but admire … put it out there that you’d love to take them out for coffee and discuss the idea of producing a styled shoot with them!

  2. Take a workshop … disrupt your normal ‘style’ by taking a workshop that focuses on something you don’t know that much about! Stretch your limits and focus on a different style to see if it’s a good fit or not. Learning from the best is a great way to take yourself to the top.

  3. Change your company logo. DISRUPT your following and make them take notice of something they aren’t used to! Now, be careful with this one … you should really only adjust your logo once every 2-3 years … branding is important for people to remember you too ;)

  4. Always working with the same photographer for your styled shoots because you are ‘friends’ ?? STOP IT. Work with someone else … break out of that habit and create relationships with new professionals who can stretch you to other places you haven’t been yet.

  5. Start a monthly ‘get together’ with local wedding professionals in your area … take the reigns and coordinate a day each month where you will get together and socialize, brainstorm ideas, and network!

Being told something you thought was awesome ‘isn’t’ … well, it doesn’t feel good at first … admitting to yourself that your website isn’t cutting it … that’s hard … realizing the places you have been advertising for the last 5 years are bringing you all the wrong clients … isn’t a fun realization … it makes you CHANGE … but adjusting just one tiny thing could start a butterfly effect and make things happen that you’ve always wanted to happen! You should definitely try it ;)

XO~ Heather

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