Dear, Instagram: I Might Have To Break Up With You

Instagram Sucks Now That They Changed Their Algorithm

Dear, Instagram:

Something has been feeling off lately ... you know it, I know it ... I used to want to hang out with you every hour of the day ... you were literally on my mind 24-7 ... I'd wake up to you and you were the last thing I'd see before I fell asleep at night ... it was a give and take relationship that we both felt fulfilled by ...


But you've changed and it's not the same ... you used to be someone I could count on, a place I could go to feel like I could be myself and that I'd be appreciated ... but now it seems you are too caught up in 'other things' ... all I hear you talk about is making money ... I fell in love with the YOU you were ... and all these changes just feel so wrong :(

I also have to say I feel a little used

... before you were 'so popular' you loved me!  We had a relationship that was based on a partnership ... you helped me and I helped you ... but now that all the ways I helped you have boosted you up and made you who you are today - you don't need me anymore ...

and that really hurts :(  

I realize I never 'owned' you ... you were never really MINE to keep ... it wasn't going anywhere 'long term' ... but the time we spent together meant something to me ... I didn't think of our time together as fleeting ... I put in time and effort because I thought I was building something ... building something with you ... I realize how stupid that was now.


I understand that I should try and be supportive of the new you, that change was always inevitable but I'm having a hard time ... I find the times I do think of you aren't leading to me actually wanting to be around you ... but more so they frustrate me.  I will think of something we used to do together and it just makes me feel irritated and upset ... there isn't any longing or wanting ... it just feels like a waste of time to even 'make plans' with you at this point.

Do I 'not' ever want to see you again or do the things we used to do together??  I'm not sure ... but your new goals don't really mesh with mine and I don't have a natural pull to you anymore ... not the way I used to :(

I think of my other 'ex' Facebook and this seems to have a lot of the same 'vibes' as our break up years ago ... it never got back to being the same ever again ... it just feels robotic now ... there isn't any love there ... and I'm afraid you and I are heading down the same path.

I feel like you don't want me to see my friends anymore either!

Why is that??

Couldn't we have kept our relationship AND let me see my friends and people I love to hear from??  I see them drifting away because of you ... I go to the places I used to be able to keep up with them and they have disappeared ... it feels very selfish of you to try to keep me from them.  You only want to hang out with people who have money now and I don't want to just see people who have money ... I loved my people and hearing about what they're up to.

Anyway ... enough from me ... I know you've made up your mind and there's nothing I can do about it ... You'll see me from time to time ... I'm sure ... but it will never be the same again.

XO~ Heather