Do You Have These 3 Types of People In Your Life?

The three types of people every business owner should have in their life | Business Tips Blog For Creatives

Last night I was chatting with a wedding blog editor friend of mine about relationships and about how relationships change depending on what is going on in life.  It's always upsetting to me when a friend of mine changes because of success and it got me thinking about 'staying grounded' in business and how to stay likable.  I pride myself on the fact that I don't 'judge' people based on their successes in life ... I stay humble and grounded.  I roll with the super successful and I roll with the 'just starting out' ... and it got me thinking:

There Are 3 Types of People You Should Always Have In Your Life

1. People Who Drive You To Be More Successful:  When I started out my wedding blog Style Unveiled in 2008 I had blogs like Style Me Pretty to drive me to want to be successful ... that motivated me to do my best and hope to achieve even half of what they had created.  Now, there are two routes this can take for a business owner:  seeing other successful businesses can either: fuel you to do your best with appreciation or fuel you to 'try' because of jealousy and insecurities.  Obviously, the healthy route is to be secure enough in yourself so that you can celebrate the successes of other businesses and learn from those successes to form your own HEALTHY motivation to kick a little ass all over the place.

2.  People Who You Drive To Be More Successful:  Do you have friends in your industry who are 'younger' than you in their business career?  People who look up to you and are motivated to be better by watching what you do?  If you don't, why not??  Everyone should have relationships with people who are still feeling it out ... who might not be 'there' yet, but who are trying.  Not only does this keep you humble and grounded, but you can learn by teaching!  Learning by teaching is so rewarding .. I learn something new with each client I work with ... and I form bonds and relationships that I value!

3.  People Who You Are Successful With:  People who you grow with from beginning, to middle, to end are hugely important for any business.  Make sure you have people who are at your same developmental level while you travel through the ups and downs of running a business!  Sometimes you will be down in the dumps and these people can help pull you out!  Sometimes that will flip and you will be doing the pulling.  Either way this 'business relationship' is of extreme importance!  Growing together with a team of professionals who are at the same 'level' as you is vital for any business to survive ... especially in an industry like the wedding industry.

I have many different relationships in each of these categories ... and the cool thing is that these will flip depending on the area of focus!  I can have the same person hit all of these different groups at different times ... it's amazing!  The bottom line is: stay grounded in business ...

don't become a bitch just because you think you have hit gold and are heading up the elevator to level 'made it huge'

... all of those levels that helped raise you up are still important!  What happens if the ground falls out beneath you and you started stepping on all the 'little people' who helped you get there?  Oof, that will be a dark day.

XO~ Heather

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