Will Your Tastes Attract The Target Market Client You Want to Reach?

Will Your Tastes Attract The Target Market Client You Want to Reach? | The Editor's Touch

Something I never hear from my clients:  I want to reach a client that doesn't want to spend a lot of money on their wedding ... or this: I want a low budget bride, someone who wants to use a lot of burlap and carnations ... what I consistently hear from every single one of my clients is:  I want to attract a bride who wants to spend a lot of money on their wedding and has couture taste in details ... in most cases what I see from their brand, website, color palette, etc would never attract that particular client.  A high end bride in today's world has specific tastes ... especially if you are talking about a bride who has a morning ritual of: drink coffee and browse the pretty up on SMP ... this is a VERY particular brain you are dealing with.  If you want to bring in that type of client then your website, blog, and social media pages need to be well branded for HER.  There is something you need to ask yourself:

>> Does The Target Market You Want to Reach and Your Particular Tastes for Your Business Match? <<

I'm going to say the thing that not everyone will say ... because, if you've noticed, that's sorta what I do ;)  Not everyone has great taste ... some people get stuck in a certain 'time period' and never leave ... and that's totally ok!!  BUT: if you want your business to succeed and your tastes in branding and 'other things' doesn't quite keep up with the quickly changing trends of the online experience and 'wedding styles' in general you may have an issue!  If your 'flavor' is more early 90's for your life and that's what you think is awesome then you will have a very hard time making decisions for your business brand and probably shouldn't be trusted to do so ;)  There are so many important elements to consider when it comes to creating a 'look' that will attract today's bride ... fonts, color, website layout, the images on your website and social media feeds ... if you have a stunning logo with swirly font that is very TODAY and then you have muddy images all over your blog that have details from 1997 ... then too bad, so sad for you: it's not gonna fly.  EVERYTHING needs to work together in order to create that ambiance and attract that *beautiful butterfly of a client* you are hoping to get.

You need to do the hardcore work .... really ask yourself if you are 'up in the styles' ... and if you have been bugging out lately because you can't seem to get out of having a 'budget client' keep knocking on your door ... the issue is probably your taste ... your brand ... and the fact that you are making the decisions for your brand.  Not everyone is meant to rebrand their own company ... have someone else come in who seems to attract those higher end clients and ask them their thoughts!  Or, heck!  Ask me!!  I am known for my honesty ... I will tell my clients straight up if something is not working or is off putting ... 

Your business needs to succeed ... nothing changes faster in trends than the wedding industry .... so if your tastes can't be trusted to do that and keep your company flying forward, then hire someone to do it for you :)

XO~ Heather

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