Are You Keeping the Momentum Going For Brides or Killing Their Excitement?

Are You Keeping the Momentum Going For Brides or Killing Their Excitement?

Imagine what would happen if you visited Anthropologie after seeing their GORGEOUS catalogue and it was dark, gloomy, and filled with last season's fashion?  The momentum that their magazine created was so high and then the visit to their shop made all of that excitement drop.  Not ok.  The same is true for your potential clients who come to your website.  Where are they coming from??  Wedding Chicks?  Green Wedding Shoes? Style Me Pretty?  If they are coming from something BEAUTIFUL that has them super psyched about planning their wedding and then they click into something UGLY << your website >>

Then the first thing they are going to do is click the f*ck OUT.

This is a serious thing, people ... UGLY websites will hurt your business.  If you are dying to be featured on 100 Layer Cake because you want people to hire you, then think long and hard about what those potential clients will be clicking into ... go to your favorite wedding blog (RIGHT NOW, do it!!!!!) and take it all in.  Look at that wedding blog for what it is, what their brand reflects, what images that blog editor selects to feature, what the colors are, what the background is, what the design of the website is ... NOW: click into your website in a new window.  Go back and forth ...

how are you feeling??

Good?  Bad?  Embarrassed by your website?  Proud of your website?

When I work with my clients I ask them what blogs they feel represent their brand - what wedding blogs they picture their potential clients or shoppers coming from - and when I design for them I make sure to design a website that not only looks GORGEOUS and supports my client's vision: but keeps the momentum CLIMBING for potential visitors coming from those online spaces.

Don't get comfortable with your website.  If you have goals for 2018 and want higher budget weddings and more of them then you need to make sure that your social media presence, your website presence, and your personal presence is united.  

XO~ Heather