Excuse Me, Business Owner, But Could You Please Lower Your Prices For Me?

Being Asked To Lower Your Prices | The Editor's Touch Blog

Dear Business Owner,

I have been reading up in magazines and online that since you own your own business and create your own prices that you can adjust them for any old reason!  And I love that, because I just don't want to pay as much as you're asking ... I'd like to pay a lot less, actually ... so I'm just going to straight up ask you:


It really shouldn't be that big of a problem for you, right??  I mean, you are in charge and all ... you made the prices and you need my business ... so really I hold the cards ... really looking forward to your response!!

From, A Potential Client

Dear Potential Client,

Thank you for your inquiry!  You are absolutely correct, I do make my own pricing, I make my own pricing and I created my own business from passion, talent, drive, hard work, and building relationships with all the right people.  I had a dream to do what I do now and after investing in myself for years it's finally paying off and I can be my own boss.  It's such a great feeling.

You know what's not a great feeling?  An email from you asking me to LOWER MY PRICES ... do you go to the grocery story and say you want the loaf of bread for 50% off just because??  When you shop for clothes do you say you'll only pay a fraction of what the price tag says?  My guess is that you don't ... I'm sorry that there is a lot of BAD EDUCATION out there about what being a business owner is, and that there are a lot of business owners out there who will cut prices in order to get work, but I am not one of them.

I want to work with clients who value me and the service I provide

... who understand that if I work for you then you will get ALL OF ME ... all of the things about me that made you want to work with me in the first place!  I wish you the best of luck in your search for the service you are looking for ... but you and I are not a good fit.

From, A Business Owner