Why Don't Ballroom Weddings Have A Place To Call Home Online??

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Before you read this ... LOL ... I was going through my unpublished blog posts on TET and I found this post unpublished from APRIL 30, 2016 ... it was fully written and completed ... never went live ... not sure why ... hahahaha ... but here you go!  I'm finally publishing it today ;)

XO~ Heather

It's Saturday night ... actually, it's 9:33 on Saturday night (when I started this post).  I've had some wine ... I definitely should *not* be writing on a blog that is attached to my business website ... but here I am.  I am sitting in bed next to my 'passed out' husband, my children are sleeping, and I am crouching in front of my laptop 'half drunk' because I had a thought ... and the thought goes:

Why Are Ballroom Weddings So Hard To Get Published?

Srsly, why.  I want to know why the ballroom weddings have no home online.  Correction to my 'wine grammar': why are ballroom weddings the hardest to get published online?  I have a client who creates the most high end weddings ever (like, ever) and a blog should be THRILLED to feature these events ... yet somehow I am at a loss for where to send them.  How did the weddings that cost (maybe?) the most money get lost in the shuffle??  Why are blogs more obsessed with weddings in the middle of a field than in the ballroom of a luxe hotel?  Here's another thing:

is the fact that the ballroom wedding is the hardest to get published on a wedding blog directly correlated with the fact that online advertising is going out of style?

Let's see: if I am a bride who is constantly seeing 'how to diy a wedding in the middle of a field' on every wedding blog I go to - am I really interested in 'hiring wedding pros' off that website?  Probably not so much.  AND: if I am a wedding professional who is known for the luxe and couture ballroom weddings I produce and plan then am I interested in advertising on a wedding blog that won't even showcase or publish them???  No.

Am I that naive to say that outdoor 'field' weddings are super cheap-o??  Of course not.  I understand that renting furniture and delivering it to said field costs quite a buttload - and more than that, these events are AMAZING!!  Field weddings can be deliciously awesome and I don't blame wedding blogs for scratching and clawing their way to get to publish these unique events.  BUT: tonight (in my wine glaze) I am taking a stand for ballroom weddings and asking:  where do you live?  What online publications will accept you?

I have a small handful of blogs who are like: yeah, depending on the details I might ... but that's it.  It seems that print is the only option these days for these types of weddings.  Heather, wedding blogs are successful because they have a 'brand' ... you know, that thing you are always preaching to support!??  UGH!!  Yes, I know.  I get it.  I'm just sad because Style Unveiled used to be that place ... the place for the ballroom wedding to shine and be featured ... so since that's not an option anymore I'm asking:  where do they go???  Thoughts?? Ideas??

If you are a blog editor who LOVES and WANTS to showcase ballroom weddings that are INSIDE possibly darker rooms then you should share this post and announce that your blog is the home for this awesomeness!!

Nightie-night, Heather