If You Are Texting Your Clients and Colleagues, You Could Be Sending The WRONG Message Without Even Knowing It!

theeditorstouch.com | Remove The 'Read Receipt' From Your iPhone | The Editor's Touch

Texting is the 'new email' and it's so much easier, and might I add *less scary*, than an inbox that feels like a sinking ship.  I text with my clients and I'm sure that 90% of business owners use some form of texting in their daily communication with others ... BUT:


If you own an iPhone you could be.  There is a sneaky setting that sends a 'read receipt' to your 'receiver of texts' that shows them their message has not only been received, but that it has been READ!!!!  Eek!!!  Now, unless you are PERFECT and are able to respond to EVERY SINGLE TEXT YOU GET upon reading it, I'd remove that puppy!!


theeditorstouch.com | Removing The 'Read Receipt' Setting On An iPhone | The Editor's Touch

I can't always respond to a text the second I receive it ... I have kids, a house to take care of, a business to run ... do I try??? SURE!!  I definitely try ... but if I can't and I read something and make a mental note to respond after I'm done carrying two SCREAMING children out of a grocery store I *don't* want the person who sent the message to SEE that I did in fact READ it and not respond ... because that other person may consider that rude ... wouldn't you!!???

XO~ Heather