I'll Do That In A Little ...

I'll Do That in A Little | Business Blog

Being a business owner means ALWAYS having a 'to do' list that is larger than you'd like but then freaking out when you can see the end of your list ... There is a constant need for things to get done and demands to be met ... while at the same time making sure your service is needed and that you stay important in your industry and to your target market.  There is so much to do and to get done ... you probably hear yourself saying this a lot about certain things:


I find that list usually has to do with things I do for ME ... things I would do for my business to GROW ... things like:

  • Getting better at consistently blogging
  • Launching a line of website templates in an online shop
  • Giving my own website a facelift
  • Reaching out to a PR company about promoting me
  • Submitting an article to HuffPost
  • Planning a business trip to NYC 
  • Starting a Workshop
  • Speaking more and learning about how to get on the radar to be a speaker


That list tends to be pushed into the 'do in a little' category because I have clients who get first dibs.  I started thinking today about how important it is for me to tackle that list or at least prioritize with DO BY dates so that I don't get lost in the shuffle ... so that I can grow and continue to thrive.

I've decided to make sub lists to my big list so that I hold myself accountable.  It means putting time aside in my calendar and it also means sticking to it.

For instance, I need to give The Editor's Touch website a facelift .... a little refresh so it stays lookin' good!!  I have marked down that during Christmas vacation I will be doing that so it launches by January 1st ... I also really want to hire a PR firm to give me a push and get me on the right track to stay successful ... I want to start interviewing and learning price points at the end of January ... and thirdly, I really REALLY want to speak more ... but I don't know how to start, so perhaps the PR company I hire will help me with that.

It feels so good to make myself do what I know I need to do anyway.  To have dates that I will be doing it ... so that I don't keep shuffling it to the bottom of my list and then feeling sad because my goals aren't being met.


Maybe you know how badly you need to start posting to Instagram more and gaining new followers ... but it feels like such a time consuming job!  Maybe you've known for a while that your website is bad news and that you need a new one so you can attract your target market, but it feels like such a huge cost!  Maybe you know your logo is dated, but you're not sure who to hire or what your brand should even be!

My suggestion?  Pick the top 3 things you know need to change and then go to your calendar and put time aside to get the ball rolling.  Maybe you decide that in February you want a new website ... and to have a new website you'll need a brand, so you will start a logo redesign in January ... whatever it is you need to get your business motivated to kick a little ass again ... do it ... or at least make a date for when you are going to truly take it seriously :)

XO~ Heather