Instagram: My Advice?? Grow Followers While They Still Make It Easy!! Like, NOW!!

Growing Instagram Followers Before They Change Their Algorithm | The Editor's Touch

If you've been on any social media platform for business then you know there is a sad trend ... they'll take it away from you without a single warning that it's coming.  You may recall the days when Facebook business pages showed your posts to your 'likers' ... and then one day they didn't.  Or when Pinterest decided that all those followers you grew by yourself didn't matter anymore and they took away the ability for your followers to see your Pins ... Scary sh*t.  This is something we all need to learn from ... because it's my theory that we are just a few 'blinks' away from this happening on Instagram.  Yikes.

Instagram seems to be the 'it' social media platform these days ... and of course, this is coming from someone who hasn't dived into Snapchat or Periscope yet << and probably never plans to (famous last words).  Right now growing followers in Instagram seems to be pretty "easy" ... at least for me I know I've grown almost 1,000 followers on IG in the last 2 months ... and "right now" Instagram shows your photos to your following.  As it should be, right??  BUT: the signs are there that this is about to be taken away ... 

Remember the days when your 'blurb' for your photo would show in the feed??  Now we get a little '... more' bit after so many characters on the homepage feed.  This should not be ignored ... I believe this is a little hint from the new owners of Instagram:  FACEBOOK.  Yeah, Facebook owns Instagram ... and what do we know about Facebook??  They like to flip sh*t around and piss us all off ... and then they smile.  So, the question isn't WILL they do that to Instagram ... the question is WHEN will they do that to Instagram.

Be busy NOW!!  Post multiple times per day NOW ... grow your IG following NOW ... because it's not going to be as easy when changes are made.  All those beautiful 'hearts' that you love to collect now will soon decrease ... again, this is just my theory from watching Facebook business pages (and even personal pages!!) and Pinterest 'pins' do the same thing.

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XO~ Heather