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How To Defeat Negative Feelings When You Own Your Business | The Editor's Touch

When you own your business there is nothing worse than feeling defeated.  The mix of personal love for your company and wanting it to be successful added to the need for money to survive in this world is almost too much to bear.  There are a few triggers that I feel always cause me to want to hide under the blankets and cry for days about my business "failing":

  1. It's a high sensitive 'week' for me ... come on ladies, you know what I'm talking about.
  2. I just received a bad review or I have a client who is upset with me.
  3. I haven't had any inquiries from a potential new client for weeks.
  4. I have invoices out there that aren't getting paid and bills are coming in.

>> What are your triggers?  <<  

Whatever your triggers - you know how strong they are and how quickly they can pull you down.  So how do you combat those negative feelings with a positive vibe to get your bootie moving towards greatness again??  Here are a few things I like to try:

  1. Positive Self-Talk:  Do you want to throw your phone at me?  Come on, Heather(!!!) that is so cheesy!!!!  I am going to go ahead and disagree with you there.  I talk to myself every single day.  No joke.  If it's a good work week I am typically 'self-talking' to myself about mom stuff ... or my kids ... trying to psych myself into believing that it's 'not just my kids who behave this way' or that 'I am a good mom and everyone makes mistakes' ... but when it's work stuff I repeat things I want to happen as if they are happening.  I'll say:  You will get a new client this week. - or - An invoice will be paid today. - or - The person you spoke with yesterday will hire you. - And maybe I'm crazy, but if I do that: 95% of the time whatever I am focusing on DOES happen.
  2. Turn To Social Media:  I don't mean go to your FB feed and scroll to find more sadfaced people to have a drink with ... I mean 'turn to social media' to boost up your game!  Show people what you've got going on!  Social media is a great tool to find customers - to find other professionals to network with - and if you feel like you are actively 'doing something' to gain more business and boost your company then your attitude might take a turn for the better.
  3. Have a Brainstorm Jam Session With an Industry Expert You Admire:  Do you have friends in your industry??  I hope so!!  There is nobody that will understand your 'down mood' more than a person who lives it!!  I have at least 4 people that I love to get down and dirty with ... yesterday that person was Lauren of Every Last Detail.  We turned on our brain juices together and it only took 5 minutes before we were both revved and ready to ATTACK our plans and make them actions.  A great brainstorm jam session can give you just the right amount of gas needed to get sh*t done ... plus, you don't feel alone anymore.  You feel like you're not the only business owner who will 'never get hired again' ... your confidence will be boosted.
  4. Focus On Your Strengths:  What do you rock out??  What do people turn to you for??  Why did you start your company??  Obviously you have strengths.  When is the last time you focused on them?  Refer to #1 again:  positive self-talk is POWERFUL stuff!!  Usually when we are down in the dumps we feed off those thoughts and become even lower ... we go even deeper into a funk.  The best way I know how to 'rise from those ashes' is to turn on the positive.  Look through some projects you just completed ... read some testimonials from happy clients ... take your eyes away from what is worrying you and look at things that made you happy.
  5. Bury Yourself in a Current Project:  If you have projects that aren't supposed to be finished for a while or if you have a wedding that is MONTHS away - you can still work on those now.  Working on current projects will keep your mind off the negative and will give you social media 'food' for your feed (refer to #2 on this list).  I know it always makes me feel stronger to work on my craft ... to get sh*t done.
  6. Run A Promotion:  Maybe most people are in the same boat as you and while they'd love to hire you or buy from your shop - they simply can't afford it!  When you own your own company you have to SURVIVE and there is nothing wrong with running a special or lowering your prices for a week ... the way I like to think about it is:  at the higher price you may get 1 or 2 customers ... but if you lower it you may get 5-10 and earn even more money in the process (and more people talking about your product or services which can bring in MORE business!).  We all know what we are 'worth' - but sometimes putting that pride aside so that you can make some much needed money and boost your spirits is more important.

At the end of the day you are never going to feel better unless YOU turn it around yourself ... If you can pull yourself out of the 'blues of owning a business' and practice positive self-talk then you are no longer a victim to yourself - and that's what power really is.

XO~ Heather

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