Social Media Reminds People That You Exist!! Use It or Risk Losing Business

Using Social Media to Bring in Business | The Editor's Touch

Social media is SO important these days ... ask yourself this question: where do you spend more time: online trolling websites or on one of the following: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter << or perhaps all 4??  Social media is where people find stuff ... where they realize what they love or want to buy ... the truth is:

>> Social Media Reminds People That You Exist <<

I don't know how many times I will be browsing FB for the 15th time that morning and a link pops up that was shared by a friend that reminds me of something I wanted to try ... especially since I DVR all my shows and never watch commercials anymore!  I don't buy magazines anymore << except the occasional monthly grab of U.S. Weekly ... the truth is that social media is where I catch up on news and what's hot or not ... sad??? NOPE!!  Just the way things are today.

I have many clients who have been in the game for a while now who don't use social media and then wonder where their clients are ... where the money went ... why their business is suffering.  I ask them: how often do you post on Instagram or Facebook?  If their answer is 'hardly ever' then I know that is a big part of the problem.

Social media generates traffic and interest in your product or service ... let's take The Editor's Touch as an example ... below is a screen shot of where my traffic is coming from so far this month ... it's counting September 1st - September 24th:

Social Media and Traffic | The Editor's Touch

Look at all that traffic from Facebook!  It's a lot!  I can only assume that the 'direct traffic' is sourced through a collection of Instagram interest and 'word of mouth' which is also super awesome ... but consider this: word of mouth can be from people all over social media ... it can also be people remembering you exist on social media and then just directly visiting your site online.

Posting to Instagram really doesn't take that much time from your day ... and if you start doing it twice or three ish times per day and start seeing results then my guess is you'll realize how much you LOVE the attention and start making it a daily thing ... if you refuse to do it and you are still complaining about losing customers than I can't really help you ... IMO you need to try and do anything to keep your company going strong ... a bagillion people can't be wrong ... if social media didn't work then nobody would do it.  Right???

XO~ Heather

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