Are You Making The Right Connection? Let's Talk About Links!

Making The Right Connection Online | The Editor's Touch

Today I'd like to talk about links and making an online connection.  A link, if you don't know, is the 'connection' made from one online page to another.  These can be inside links to your own website or outside links to another website.  There are 4 types of links that can kill your website and after I discuss them I urge you to go to your online space and do a quick 'test' on your website to see if you have any of these:

  1. Dead Links:  These links taking someone to a 'page not found' space and literally throw them nowhere.  There is a chance that the person who ends up on a dead link page will bounce out of your website.  Avoid dead links at all costs!
  2. Dumb Links:  Google and other search engines are robots and they read what you tell them to read.  If you are linking 'click here' when you want to keep someone in your website to focus on another topic you would be doing yourself a favor to link to the words that tell what that topic is about.  For instance:  After you read this post you may enjoy another post I wrote that is all about 5 Instagram mistakes to avoid!  << see what I just did there?
  3. No Link Links:  Maybe you meant to link something but forgot?  You were featured and told your readers to 'click on the image below to see the feature on Wedding Chicks' and then the link went missing ... 'no link' links can be as frustrating as 'dead links' so make sure you are linking up what needs to be linked up every time. 
  4. Lose Links:  If you are linking to another website from your blog then always make sure you are making it open to a 'new window' ... otherwise you will lose the interested visitors on your own website!  Be selfish with your traffic and keep visitors around.  If you must link out then at least keep your website open in the window it started in.

Proofing your own website from time to time is super important!  Things change online often ... Nothing online is safe and it's your job to tend to your website to make sure you are keeping things up to date ...

because believe me:

your visitors aren't going to tell you, they are just going to bounce the f*ck out!!

XO~ Heather

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