The Most Sought-After Wedding Professionals Have These 8 Things In Common:

What Do The Most Sought After Wedding Professionals Have In Common? This List. | The Editor's Touch

I consider myself one of the lucky ones in the wedding industry ... I have seen and worked with the best of the best ... Being the editor of the wedding blog I started, Style Unveiled, gave me relationships and a 'pulse' on what was working in this industry and what wasn't ... and there are a few things that always rang true with the most sought-after wedding professionals ... and here is that list:

They Are Forever Students: 

Every successful (and I'm talking crazy successful - the names most of the industry knows) wedding professional I know are never 'finished'.  They don't reach their peak ... ever.  Their eyes are always forward on what they can do to be even more unique, to be even more successful than last week, to be better than their last great idea.

They Value Relationships and Know Which Ones to Protect:

There are a lot of cliques in the wedding industry.  IMO a clique is a way to close yourself in and to close yourself out.  The most successful wedding business owners I know have strong relationships that they treasure and protect, but are always open to new relationships if it's a good fit.  They don't work with EVERYONE because they are protecting their brand.  They choose working relationships that are inline with the brand they want to put out there in the world.

They Are Decisive:

Time is money.  Business owners who are successful can make QUICK decisions and know what will be the right one almost immediately.  They know what they love and what they hate and they aren't afraid to make those decisions.  

They Are Adaptive:

When things change these wedding professionals are quick to make necessary decisions and changes and go with that flow.  They don't 'fight' change.  They go where the clients are instead of waiting for the clients to come to them.  If brides and grooms are in print: they are in print.  If brides and grooms are online looking at blogs: they are on blogs.  If brides and grooms are on Instagram:  they are on Instagram.  They don't get stuck on one idea - times change and they roll with it.

They Have Intuition:

Along with being decisive is intuition.  Having the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.  This is key to being successful.  I rely on my intuition when I am designing for my clients - I let it guide me.  If you have strong intuition and you listen to it you will be guided down an amazing path. 

They Pick A Target Market and Stick To It:

The most successful wedding professionals I know choose their target market and stick to it.  They only showcase the types of events and weddings they want to attract more of - while they may accept weddings that aren't their target market you'll never know, because you'll never see it.  

 They Don't Get Comfortable:

They may be successful, but you'll never see them get comfy-cozy.  Their ears are always perked up - their eyes are always on the prize - they are always putting their company in their 'good ass jeans' and seizing each and every moment.

They Share The Taste Of Their Target Market:

They aren't 'pretenders' of their field.  The most sought after wedding professionals I know also enjoy that type of life, or at least are fashion forward in the way that they love weddings to be.  When their 'target market' comes to them they share the same love for specific trends, brands, and restaurants.  They can connect.  They can understand the lifestyle of their preferred clients.

XO~ Heather