Invest In Yourself and Learn Some Sh*t! Workshops Are The New Form Of Advertising!

Wedding Planning Workshop | Workshops for Event Planners | Website Designer

What if you took your money and invested it back into yourself / your business with the knowledge that you are being held accountable for the RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT ...


My guess is: YES ... I truly feel that is the reason people HATE advertising so much ...

they don't have much control over the outcome

... they pay the money to whatever platform or magazine they choose to hold an ad with and then ... for the most part ... that's it.  Sure, you can choose the image(s) for your ad and the 'blurb' ... but beyond that, your ad goes up and you basically have to hope, hope, hope someone sees it who is interested in what you offer.

Now, it's no secret that I fully believe in advertising for your business ... and that I believe seeing a ROI that is directly and related to only one thing rarely exists ... I wrote more about return on investment when it comes to advertising << there ... but it's still a 'pay and hope' deal ... you know what isn't a 'pay and hope' deal??


A workshop, as long as it's a killer one, is a great way to do the following:

  • learn from the best of the best
  • get great images for your portfolio - in some cases
  • flex your creative muscles
  • meet new and interesting people who share your same interests
  • walk away with something that YOU have the power to control

I love things for my business that I have control over ... I haven't exactly been 'shy' about expressing that on The Editor's Touch ... and taking a workshop is a great way to 'better' your business and gain confidence in what you love even more.

I have known Lindsay and Heather from LVL Academy, a wedding planner workshop that kicks ass, for almost 10 years ... and what they are all about is TRULY SHARING their knowledge and what has made their wedding planning business, LVL Weddings, a massive success.  

Wedding Planning Workshop | Workshops for Event Planners | Website Designer

LVL Academy offers both in person wedding planning workshops and online courses for their students.  In fact, they have a workshop coming up in June and registration for it CLOSES on May 16th ... which is right around the corner!  And the line up of speakers is AMAZING ... srsly, the best of the best!!!!!

Investing in yourself as a business owner is HUGELY important ... the wedding industry is one that changes quickly ... trends are coming and going and it's important to surround yourself with other business owners who are top of it and who have learned by doing.

It's also important to spend money on something you are held accountable for.  If you take a workshop it's almost certainly guaranteed that you will walk away:

  • excited
  • ready to kick some ass
  • inspired
  • feeling your creative juices bubble
  • motivated
  • and ready to put on your good ass jeans

I have a number of clients who have graduated from LVL Academy and it's so much fun to work with them on their websites ... they are energetic, upbeat, excited ... they invested in themselves with the Academy and then again on their websites so that they have the tools necessary to grow their businesses.  I recently worked with Karen of Blissfully Styled on her website and Karen took one of the LVL in person workshops and looooooooooved it!

Wedding Planning Workshop | Workshops for Event Planners | Website Designer

Hiring season is 6 months from now ... use the next 6 months to build your portfolio, learn some sh*t, style up your website ... the stuff that YOU CAN CONTROL ... and then you'll be ready to invest in advertising because you'll have all your ducks in a row!  LVL Academy has 2 workshops in the next 6 months ... one in June and one in November ... definitely worth checking out!!!

XO~ Heather