Words That Wedding Professionals Need To Start Spelling Correctly ... Even If Spelling Isn't Your Best Subject

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We all know there is a reputation that us as wedding professionals have ... heck, even my smart friends can't take me as seriously as they do their friends who are engineers or accountants ... they just assume I am a dumber sh*t because I work in the wedding industry!!  It's true ... but I do have a beautiful brain under all this wedding fluff and I know that you all do too!  However, there are a few things that make the world not take us seriously ... and also potential clients if you're not careful ... there is a list of words that are used incorrectly across social media, blogs, websites, and probably even timelines and emails!  They are:


This word gets spelled wrong way too often and it drives me NUTS!!!!  Stationery is what you want to type if you are referring to paper goods or invitations ... stationARY means to stay still.


If you are Instagramming how much you LOVE macarOOns and then share a photo of THESE then you are helping the wedding industry look like a group of idiots.  Macrons and macaroons are two entirely different types of sweets and it's high time we all group together and get it right.


I see this less often than the two ^^ above, but it's still very annoying.  If you are referring to a bride or groom or wedding party walking down the ISLE << and you aren't standing on a peninsula or a small island then you probably meant to type:  AISLE << which is the passage between the rows of seats in a wedding ceremony.


While the word 'peek' isn't technically a wedding industry word, we still all use it way too often to get this wrong ... what I see across social media when people want to share a 'sneak peek' is this word:  PEAK << which is the tallest point of something ... usually used when people refer to a mountain peak.  PEEK means to peer in or be given special permission to see something before it's ready.  

I am really not trying to be rude here ... but if this is your profession then we really need to get it right ... people can't take you seriously if you can't spell words used frequently inside your own industry.  How would you feel if your doctor couldn't remember the names of certain medicines or the fancy-pants names for all the bones???  You'd probably be pretty worried about taking their advice or letting them treat you ... right???

XO~ Heather